The scientific-practical journal "Epidemiology and Vaccinal Prevention" is the only Russian publication dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and delivery of the vaccines with emphasis on the epidemiology of the infectious diseases, including nosocomial ones.

The journal is addressed to opinion leaders, epidemiologists, physicians, pediatricians, students of medical schools and is included by Higher Certifying Commision of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in their list. The journal publishes theoretical, analytic and experimental articles, book reviews, materials relevant to the history of Russian science as well as information on the activities of the Scientific and Public Health Society of epidemiologists, microbiologists and parasitologists of Russia. All articles are reviewed.

Articles on epidemiology take one of the primary places. Among them are articles on theoretical problems of epidemiology as well as important epidemiological events that occur in Russia (outbreaks of infectious diseases in the regions, situation with AIDS epidemic; epidemiology of emergencies, etc.).

Materials on the development and trials of new vaccines and test-systems for immunologic or molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases are widely presented.

The experience exchange on secondary immunodeficiency correction during acute or chronic infections is also among the highlights.

Articles on immunodiagnosis, immunoprevention and immunotherapy of allergic diseases are also published.